"Dying Swan" | Original Mockumentary Series

Created by Martin Harvey & Kate Griffler

An aging ballet ‘has-been’ attempts an unprecedented come-back in the world of classical dance. Based on the life of Martin Harvey, an accomplished Royal Ballet dancer.

This hilarious and wholly original mockumentary series is based on the life of writer/creator/lead actor, Martin Harvey, who was a professional ballet dancer with London’s Royal Ballet Company for fifteen years. Martin’s level of access and insight into the world of ballet serves as the reality on which the fictional documentary stands.


Plot Outline: 

Eleven years ago Albert walked away from Britain’s Royal Ballet Company and moved to New York to marry his American ballerina girlfriend. Driven by ego, and blissfully unaware of his limitations, Albert shut the door on dance and tried to reinvent himself as a Hollywood actor. What followed was a downward spiral of consistent unemployment that led to his high-flying wife divorcing him shortly after the birth of their son.

Today, 42-year-old Albert fights his way from gig to gig, desperately trying to provide any kind of positive example for his young child. With this, Albert is attempting a balletic comeback, and to draw as much attention to himself as possible, he’s hired a student film crew to document his every move.

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Show Bible and Pilot Script & Episodes 2-3 Scripts available upon request.



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