NoBudge Features Mary Dauterman’s “On My Way” Calling It “A Telling Time Capsule of Millennial Relationships”


Sometimes pieces of media reflect us so perfectly it’s scary. Let me tell you, OTNF director Mary Dauterman’s piece “On My Way” does that. Have I regretted committing to a night out? Yes. Have my best friend and I both decided it was too much work to leave the house and cancelled our plans? Too many times to count. Have I had a beer on the toilet while texting my best friend? Yes, yes I have. Mary Dauterman gets it and NoBudge knows it. They even called it a “telling time capsule of millennial relationships” (but hey Baby Boomers and Gen Z I promise this is a dramatization we brave going out into social settings sometimes). Which leads to my next question: are millennials ruining friendship now too?

Check out the NoBudge Article here:

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