"The Flow" | Original Docu-Series

Created by Kennedy

Meet the Bower Boys! This five brother crew from Bayhead, NJ is all about “The Flow”. The Flow represents a lifestyle for these cooler kids featuring their red locks, surfer skills, wresting cham-pionships, skater tricks, and the gift of gab with the ladies. They have the admiration of everyone that experiences them.


The show’s concept can “Flow” in a few different styles and whether its reality, scripted reality, or even a sitcom, these boys can and will deliver. The boys are so popular and adored by their community, they’re seasoned vets from a performance and entertainment perspective as all eyes are on them non stop. They understand pressure, competition, passion, and love. The Bower Boys are always looking for the next challenge (or bigger wave). Everyday is an adventure at the Bower Boys house, and we got to experience it first hand when we went down unannounced to capture a day in the life of these dynamic dudes.


Full Show Treatment available upon request.



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